Investigating Social Networks to...

Diminish Deception

Mitigate Manipulation

Halt Hate

The Network Contagion Research Institute (NCRI) is a politically neutral, multi-disciplinary team of experienced neuroscientists, technology industry leaders, physicists, and machine learning experts from across academia and industry who have developed an integrated technology platform – Contextus – to track and expose the epidemic of virtual deception, manipulation, and hate, as it spreads between social media communities and into the real world.

NCRI - Contextus Technology
NCRI - Contextus Technology Platform

How our Contextus Technology works


NCRI technology collects data from social network communities across the web, including both mainstream and fringe communities. By applying our technology to these communities, using machine learning and artificial intelligence, NCRI can quickly gain a deep understanding of them. We therefore have the data and the means to become experts in the radical language, symbols, images, and hashtags of any given community.


NCRI tools decode the language, images, and hashtags to make critical, contextual connections. NCRI provides consistent and quantifiable metrics to help track and understand the conditions that lead to an increase of hate crimes and violence.


NCRI reveals trends that expose “red zones of infection," with visual, graphical reporting designed to elevate understanding of these threats, engage appropriate authorities, and better map the threats our society faces from hate in the digital domain.

NCRI - How our Contextus Technology works

Support Our Mission

NCRI relies on the donations of individuals and corporations who share in its mission to mitigate the epidemic of hate. As the world wide web continues to expand, so too will the “red zones of infection” which continue to propagate the web. Your donation will help the NCRI continue to invest in the people and technology to combat these ominous trends in network hate.

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