Identifying and Forecasting Threats in the Age of Information Disorder Empowering People, Communities and Organizations to Build Resiliency Against a New Threat Landscape

Network Contagion Research Institute (NCRI) is the world’s foremost expert in identifying and forecasting the threat and spread of misinformation and disinformation across social media platforms. Committed to quickly identifying these emerging threats, NCRI forecasts potential risks to empower partners to become proactive in protecting themselves against false narratives that create rifts of distrust that impact institutions, capital markets, public health and safety.

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Relied upon for subject matter expertise, NCRI helps inform public understanding of emerging threats in the cyber social domain.

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Leading Universities

The world’s leading colleges and universities benefit from access to NCRI’s proprietary ingest engine to support data-driven social media research initiatives.

Proprietary Platform

NCRI’s proprietary platform intelligently processes and classifies open-source social media data and:

  • Generates more than half a billion data queries and more than 1.3 million unique visitors per month
  • Is the most comprehensive platform available today for social media pattern recognition and research
  • Is used by over 370 universities around the world and is cited in more than one thousand peer-reviewed research articles.

Intelligent People

Our expert team of data scientists, research analysts, social scientists, and global intelligence professionals, skillfully analyze and interpret the data collected to forecast emerging threats and make strategic recommendations for action.

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Companies and organizations around the world trust the NCRI to help them be proactive in protecting their brand equity.

NCRI in the News

Spreading Misinformation About the COVID Vaccines

Joel Finkelstein, NCRI founder appeared on 60 minutes to discuss that QAnon had “rebranded” since President Trump left office and that followers are now doubling down on misinformation about COVID vaccines and masks.

Russian disinformation campaigns are trying to sow distrust of COVID vaccines, study finds

Russian propagandists and Internet trolls are increasingly targeting companies with disinformation campaigns that are intended to damage their corporate reputations and stir public animosity. 

That’s according to new research published Friday by the Network Contagion Research Institute (NCRI), a non-profit that studies the spread of misinformation and deception on social media like Facebook and Twitter. The report’s findings are important because they highlight “a trend that disinformation is now being used as a means of economic warfare,” said NCRI lead intelligence analyst Alex Goldenberg.

Iran Steps up Efforts to Sow Discord Inside the U.S.

Iranian state actors are intensifying their disinformation campaign on social media to spread discord and anti-Semitic tropes inside the U.S., two U.S. intelligence officials say.

Featured NCRI Reports

  • 7/23/21 – The Future of Disinformation Operations and the Coming War on Brands

    Disinformation has long been understood as a means of political warfare. Now it is being used in ways that damage Western corporations and economies. The actors and methods employed to influence elections and spread conspiracy theories in an effort to polarize the United States electorate are now being leveraged for economic warfare. Additionally, an economic disinformation industry is emerging in which disinformation services are provided to domestic and foreign actors. As economic and political benefits of disinformation attacks accrue, this trend is expected to continue.

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  • 3/11/21 – A CONTAGION OF INSTITUTIONAL DISTRUST: Viral Disinformation of the COVID Vaccine and the Road to Reconciliation

    This is a moment of truth for our democracy. As unprecedented political violence from the right invades our capitol, as mass rioting from the left scars downtown areas in major U.S. cities, and as conspiracies spread like wildfire, the true enemy of our democracy has finally made its identity clear. Many thought it was the Russians; others felt it was Trump. Some thought it was pedophiles needing to be locked up in Guantanamo Bay. Others thought it was QAnon or the proud boys, perhaps Antifa or Soros. History being what it is, as the list gets thinner, the antisemites always suspect the Jews. They are all, of course, wrong.

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Introducing Network Contagion Labs

NC Labs partners with major universities to create the nation’s foremost training/internship program for the paradigm of cyber-social threat identification and forecasting.

NC Labs has established a virtual, multidisciplinary, open source intelligence laboratory that trains the next generation to:

  1. Investigate and identify emerging threats in the social cyber domain in the new field of open source intelligence.
  2. Deploy data-driven computational methods to forecast emerging threats and procure deeper online threat intelligence.

NC Labs has a dedicated team to fully design, curate and administer coursework as a certified and recognized leader around the world in OSINT training.