Network Contagion Labs

Introducing the Nation’s Foremost Training Program in Cyber Social Network Threat Detection and Strategy

NC Labs partners with major universities to create the nation’s foremost training/internship program for the paradigm of cyber-social threat identification and forecasting.

NC Labs has established a virtual, multidisciplinary, open source intelligence laboratory that trains the next generation to:

  1. Investigate and identify emerging threats in the social cyber domain in the new field of open source intelligence.
  2. Deploy data-driven computational methods to forecast emerging threats and procure deeper online threat intelligence.

NC Labs has a dedicated team to fully design, curate and administer coursework as a certified and recognized leader around the world in OSINT training.

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In Practice at the Rutgers Miller Center for Community Protection and Resilience

A select number of students will be immersed in a hands-on open source intelligence training environment where they will learn to operationalize intelligence. The students will use the NCRI Contextus platform to investigate and generate rapid and finished intelligence on emerging threats using big data tools over social media feeds, publicly available community data and self-investigated information.  

Mapping these threats collaboratively to nationwide trends on a data-ready readout map of emerging threats with high geo-spatial resolution, students will be able to build mapped narratives, information flows and correlate offline behaviors in local, national, and global scales which will provide communities with reliable feedback to achieve science-based outcomes. 

NC Labs represents a breakthrough methodology for intelligence analysis worldwide – allowing the NCRI to assess and map threats to communities in close to real time with unprecedented accuracy and predictive power and at different scales.  Students graduating from this internship will have immediate value and impact across industry and the platform will source numerous high-impact white papers and timely intelligence on a national scale.