The Contextus Technology Platform

Here are just a few of the most recent examples of how the NCRI, utilizing its enabling Contextus Technology, has embedded itself into mainstream and fringe communities, to track and, ultimately, expose the epidemic of virtual deception, manipulation, and hate, as it spreads between social media communities and into the real world.

Predictive Technology

In September 2018, as reported in the The Washington Post, the NCRI warned of a “mirroring between the online rhetoric and real world events”—an imminent spill out of white supremacy and antisemitism from a massive radical Web community. Just days later, a terrorist actor from this community attacked the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Revealing Technology

In March 2020, the NCRI was featured on NBC News, warning of the growth of “the Boogaloo,” an apocalyptic militia cult, seeking a civil/race war and taking lethal aim at law enforcement officials and policy makers. In fact, the NCRI was the first group to expose Facebook, Twitter and Reddit for nurturing this apocalyptic militia and showing the depth, breadth and virulence of the group. Within just a month of this warning, murderous terror attacks against law enforcement and critical infrastructure began to emerge from the Boogaloo.

Incisive Technology

In September 2020 in research reported by the Wall Street Journal, the National Review and others, the NCRI exposed a contagion of radical-left, anarcho-socialist, insurrectionist networks on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit organizing riots nation-wide during the George Floyd/BLM protests. The NCRI showed how these insurrectionist networks now metastasize and grow using code words and memes on social media to foment violence against law enforcement officials, burning precincts to the ground, using explosives, lasers and exchanging recipes for thermite and 3D printed weapons as memes.