Our Technology Platform

Emerging Technology to Identify and Forecast Emerging Threats

NCRI has built its own proprietary platform that has played a critical role in the identification and forecasting of emerging threats that threaten the Economic, physical and social health of civil society. A few examples of NCRI technology at work can be seen below.

Public Health

As reported in The Washington Post, and NY Times, the NCRI develops forecasts of vaccine reluctance and shows how disinformation/conspiracy trends from social media and other online behavior predict real world hesitancy.

Our interactive tool – Mapping Mistrust – maps the geospatial analysis of civil-unrest activity, relating to the COVID-19 Pandemic, in the United States.

Political intimidation, severity of COVID restrictions, and google searches for “new world order” are statistical indicators of anti-restriction and anti-vaccine protests.

Economic Impact

As reported in Fortune, The NCRI can detect coordinated and inauthentic activity and shows how amplified disinformation operations from state actors and extremist groups take aim at American brands. The NCRI spotted coordinated inauthentic behavior on Twitter of self-identified Vietnamese accounts promoting the Boycott of H&M. Just days before, the international retailer faced a similar campaign originating from China after criticizing China’s treatment of Muslims in Xinjiang.

A time series analysis of #BoycottHM shows a spike in activity, all from self-identified Vietnamese accounts, which peaked at 75 times per minute

Geo-Political Impact

As reported on Fox Business and Time Magazine, NCRI showed how Pro-Iranian trolls engaged in influence operations sewed antisemitism across Twitter at a massive scale during the May 2021 Conflict with Israel and Hamas.

A antisemitic trend on social media appears to have produced the most successful hashtag (listed as trending on Twitter) amidst a large influx of antisemitic activity on the platform itself in response to the developing situation in Israel, Gaza and the WestBank.